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New Proton Saga By 2022 – Persona Replacement?

During the launch of the Proton Saga last night, at the same time Proton also presented a plan to launch new products in the next five years. If previously Proton had already launched their first SUV, the Proton X70, this year it will be accompanied by another B -segment SUV that we call the Proton X50 – from Geely Binyue.

According to blog author Kereta Sewa Shah Alam, the involvement of the Proton X50 test model is also now increasingly seen on Malaysian roads, indicating that Proton is now actively collecting information and driving data on the new SUV. However, by 2021, for some reason the new model that will be introduced is not an MPV to replace the Exora, but two sedans! The fact that two new sedans will be launched in two years in a row means that Proton will replace the existing sedan offering.

The three models that come to mind are the Preve which has been on the market for too long, the Persona which is approaching a five -year cycle and also the sedan in the D segment, Prime. This means, two of the three models above will receive a successor in the next few years. Previously, we had published news from an internal source who mentioned that Geely had already prepared a replacement for the Persona/Iriz model which turned out to be old and outdated in terms of technology offerings.

And the proposed model is the Geely Binrui developed based on the B-segment Modular Architecture (BMA) modular platform, the same platform used for the Geely Binyue (Proton X50) model. This platform is very universal and can be used to develop sedans from the B segment (wheelbase as short as 2,550 mm) to the C segment (wheelbase 2,700 mm). It also allows Proton to load various types of power trains available from Geely such as 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter turbo engines, as well as hybrid power trains such as hybrid electric car (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV).

In fact, the BMA platform is capable of loading a wide range of the latest driving technologies including Level Two and Level Three (SAE Level 2 & Level 3) self -driving features. In any case, we wait and see how Proton moves (with help from Geely) in an effort to further strengthen their position in the domestic market. Expectation that by 2022, the sale of sedans like the Proton Saga 2022 will be able to attract locals to buy them. Please contact the nearest sales representative for additional information.

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