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Loan Facilities Need To Be Simplified

International Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have recommended that the government facilitate loan facilities either through grants or banking for the people to resume life after the economic sector reopens.

Greater opportunities should be given to the youths as those who lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic or went out of business had to restart their businesses. This is one of the things that the government needs to be careful in the next budget. How to rehabilitate entrepreneurs who have been affected and some have stopped doing business due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from that, one of the sectors that needs to be given priority is tourism in the country which is seen to be able to help restore the country’s economy. The government needs to provide suitable tourism packages specially to attract the holiday community in the country involving hotels, public transport and other related sectors. The control of the price of goods in the market, especially the food industry must also be taken into account. This will affect the tourism sector if it is not curbed as much as possible.

The field of computer technology and smartphones is no less important and needs to be controlled with lower prices to encourage more people to have these facilities. That was the opinion of Kereta Sewa Shah Alam provider. Speaking of the upcoming 2022 personal loan criteria, it is hoped that all banks can further ease the eligibility requirements for personal loans and maximize the amount to be borrowed so that the public, especially for those who need personal loans to pay off bad debts or to the necessities of their lives. In addition, it is hoped that the repayment period can be extended as much as possible.

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