6 Types of Programming Languages That Are Popular Today

Today there are so many types of programming languages ​​that you can find in this digital age. The programming language itself is a number of words that contain certain instructions or commands. Usually these instructions consist of many lines that can be understood by the computer. For a developer, a programming language must be mastered. This is important in order to create and develop certain software and applications. The programming language must be in accordance with the software and application requirements that a developer wants to create.

Types of Programming Languages

There are so many programming languages ​​today. However, not all programming languages ​​must be mastered by developers. Usually, developers only need to master a language that can be used to create and develop destination applications only. The following are the types of programming languages ​​that are most popular among Indonesian developers.

1. C++

This is a kind of programming language that is also the result of the development of the C language. Both C++ and C languages ​​both have very similar writing syntax. The difference between C++ and C is in solving the problem. In the C programming language, solving the problem uses a smaller sub procedurally. Meanwhile, the language that was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup was more object-oriented where each problem was divided into certain classes. Until now, there are so many companies that have used the C++ language to build their software. By referring to the ebook C++ How to Program (10th Global Edition) you will better understand and know more about the C++ program.

2. C

If Java is the most popular programming language, C is the oldest programming language. This language has been developed since the 70s and was created by Dennis Ritchie. The C language is considered the father of other programming languages ​​because it is the basis for learning more about other languages ​​such as Java, C ++, C # and others. At that time, the C language was very popular like Java because it was used in almost all IT majors. In short, one cannot learn another programming language until learning C language.

3. PHP

PHP or those who are familiar with hypertext preprocessor is a kind of programming language most commonly used in Indonesia. Not only free, PHP is commonly used because it contains server side scripting to build a dynamic web. No wonder you come across this term a lot in programming books. In addition, there are so many popular websites that also use the programming language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf. For example, Facebook, Digg and WordPress.

4. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a kind of programming language developed by world renowned developer Microsoft. This special programming language offers visual ideas for creating special software based on the Windows operating system. This programming language itself is a derivative of the BASIC programming language. Currently, Visual Basic is also included in the category of Indonesia’s popular programming language. Even now there is a Visual Basic Indonesia group with more than 22 thousand members.

5. Python

When viewed based on the level of the programming language, Python is included in the high-level language category. Python is able to build applications both on a web to mobile basis. Even though it is considered a high-level language, python is also very easy to understand for beginners. This is because the language is very easy to read, including understanding the syntax. Until now, there are so many large companies that use the Python language for development such as Yahoo, Google and NASA.

6. Java Java is a special language for programming that runs on various types of platforms, such as mobile devices to computer devices. Initially this programming language was developed in 1991 from The Green Project Sun Microsystems. Reportedly, the name Java was taken by the inventor, namely James Gosling, who really liked pure brewed coffee from Java, Indonesia. As a programming language that is very popular in the world, Java has advantages such as being able to run on different platforms and being included in the object-oriented programming category. In addition, this programming language also has its own library so that it can quickly make it easier for programmers.

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