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Kuala Kedah Car Rental

Kuala Kedah is no stranger to those who want to find seafood such as shellfish, prawns, crabs and so on. There are many morning markets that also sell fish, fresh seafood and many are sold wholesale by fishermen directly from the boat. Meanwhile, those who want to find ingredients based on marine life such as anchovies, belacan, fish crackers and more, can come to Kuala Kedah. Apart from that, for those who love seafood, Kuala Kedah is the main place of choice because there are so many shops, seafood restaurants that can be stopped and eaten there. Various seafood dishes such as 3 flavors sea bass, grilled red fish, crab soup and so on. To be sure, the delicious taste of its fresh content is definitely able to make its guests to come again to Kuala Kedah. Definitely !!!

The distance between Kuala Kedah and Alor Setar is around 12-13KM. It takes only 15 minutes to reach and it can be accessed using public services such as taxi, grab or by bus. For those or visitors who want to come to Kuala Kedah, can use the kuala kedah car rental service provided by DNZ Car Rental. Various types of rental vehicles available, from small / compact cars, sedans, mpv to large vehicles such as Vellfire, Starex or van. The rental rate charged is as low as RM120 / day for a Perodua Axia Auto car rental. While MPV vehicles as low as RM180 / day for Perodua Alza Auto. For those who want to rent a multi-seat vehicle, they can choose either vellfire, starex or van. Rental price as low as RM350 / day depending on the type of vehicle to be rented.

Kuala Kedah Jetty is often used by tourists from within & outside the country to go to Langkawi Island. It is also used as an alternative besides using the Kuala Perlis jetty to go to Langkawi Island. In Kuala Kedah, there are many car rental operators, rental vans and so on. The market for rental car demand in Kuala Kedah is quite high, probably due to the distance from Kuala Kedah directly to Langkawi Island can be shortened further compared to those who need to go to Kuala Perlis Jetty. For people out there who want to find a rental car around Kuala Kedah, they can use Google search and type “kereta sewa kuala kedah” in the search box. And they will find a list of top 10 websites in Google search. To facilitate the business of rental car customers, they can book a rental car online or directly contact the number listed on the website and so on.

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