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Mamasab: Starting From Kitchen Alcove, Former Radiographer Reaches RM100 Million

Who knows Mamasab Bakery? The founder of Mamasab Bakery is a great woman who used to be a former civil servant or more precisely a radiographer in a government hospital was not expected to be able to build a successful business to reach sales of RM102 million last year compared to only RM15 million in 2019. Although in 2020, when the pandemic began to spread in the country with the first Movement Control Order (PKP) carried out until many businesses were affected and even closed, the Mamasab team managed to create extraordinary achievements. He started just from the kitchen niche of his own home. Siti Noor Sabrina Sobri, better known as Mamasab who is the Founder of Mamasab International Sdn Bhd, now has 14 bakery branches to date. Among its outlet branches is Mamasab Alor Setar which is located in the middle of alor setar city.

Mamasab’s Journey Of Building A Successful Business

Mamasab started with the RichWorks program, the Wealth and Success Magnet Intensive in November (IMKK) in 2016. After attending the program, Sabrina went on to enroll for the Titanium program and was accepted in February 2017. Sabrina admits after attending the RichWorks program, she built the courage to hire staff and open a store. His decision is often questioned by his ‘home-baker’ friends as they see him as building his own competitor to his bakery business.

But Sabrina then explained that her courage was because she had the knowledge of how to build a successful business. Asked how she manages her business branch, Sabrina said she appointed a stockist to be the ‘mini founder’ to manage her branch as guided by MenThor Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman. He added, he also identifies the right people for the right job. This is actually not easy because it requires constant training and communication as well as proper guidance.

He has a checklist for the characters he wants and he knows not all of his stockists deserve to be outlet managers. He chooses a business branch manager from among his own stockists because he knows the value of each one and how he can help them achieve their dreams and in turn help achieve the company’s mission and vision. Interestingly, Sabrina admits she is not a founder who enters the office. He often reminded his co-founders of his duty to pay attention and train the people who bring in profits to the company, namely stockists and agents. And if the business has a lot of money, it will indirectly attract good people to come to work with Mamasab Bakery.

Most recently, a new Mamasab employee graduated from the United States. When asked why he chose to be a staff of Mamasab Bakery when there are more big companies out there, the staff said Mamasab Bakery has been crowned with the Miss Best Growing F&B Business Awards 2018 so why not for him to serve at Mamasab Bakery.

In addition, Mamasab Bakery often receives job applications from managers of large companies who are interested in serving at Mamasab Bakery. In fact, Mamasab International Sdn Bhd has received the category award – Miss Best Networking Business Award at Miss Superwoman Award 2020. This prestigious award recognizes the excellence and contribution of women through 47 award categories from a variety of careers. For the info, kereta sewa shah alam crews often buy all kinds of mamasab products such as cakes and various other types of menus.

In conclusion, if we build a good brand, the company will also make money and attract good people to work.

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