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This VDARA FOREVER product from Sufee Snow is able to restore the happiness of a married couple out there, especially during “together” time. This product is specially formulated using natural ingredients, rich in natural nutrients to help and solve women’s internal problems, especially for women who have given birth or those who often experience other women’s internal problems that can affect the intimate relationship between husband and wife.

Among the benefits and advantages of VDARA FOREVER from Sufee Snow:

  • tense and able to re-tighten the muscles in the miss v and make it narrow
  • overcomes the problem of whiteness and reduces excess mucus
  • eliminates unpleasant odors and prevents dryness of the skin in the miss v
  • prevents fungi and fungal infections, kills germs that cause itching and odor
  • improve and strengthen the nervous system and grip
  • tightens and reduces sagging of the skin on the miss v
  • brightens and rejuvenates dull skin on the miss v
  • reduces itching and exfoliation
  • becomes a lubricant and moisturizes dry areas during sexual intercourse
  • build self-confidence and increase partner satisfaction
  • regular use of VDARA FOREVER will make your husband “feel” the “sandy” vaginal wall and grip like the first night


Married [Space Technique]

  1. clean and dry the vaginal area
  2. squeeze 1cm of vdara serum forever on the fingertips
  3. insert into the vaginal opening about 3cm fingers into the vaginal opening
  4. excess VDARA FOREVER serum attached to the fingertips can be applied to the vagina and clitoris.
  5. for abstinence: use vdara serum after puerperal blood has dried.

* use every time after an afternoon shower

Unmarried / Virgin [For Outdoor Use Only]

  1. for vaginal problems, squeeze a little VDARA FOREVER on the finger, apply around the outside of the vaginal cavity only
  2. for rashes and itching, rub in the affected area

* use once, every night before bed only

The Effectiveness of VDARA FOREVER:

For the most optimal effectiveness benefits for married women, do spatial techniques such as how to use below every day after an afternoon shower. The use of this VDARA FOREVER does not need to be rinsed after using it.

Tightening effect: 3-14 Days

Whitening effect: 5-14 Days

Brightening effect: 14-30 Days

Treating rashes and itching: 5-14 Days

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