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Tips to Make Your Wedding Party Happy

Weddings require you to prepare in advance from all angles such as catering, wedding dresses, wedding cards, doorgifts and more to facilitate the process of your upcoming wedding. There are a few things you can do and find to help make your wedding fun. The basics of wedding preparations include drinks, tableware, bridal gowns, party locations, essentials for guests such as desks, chairs and more. All the preparations for your wedding ceremony should not be overlooked as it is a must for an occasion. However, to make your wedding more exciting, there are a few things you can add to make your party fun and entertaining.

Performances at the Wedding

You can arrange performances for your wedding ceremony where you will have performances such as martial arts, singing, karaoke, traditional dance and so on. Presentations make your wedding unique, fun and entertaining to everyone. Many do not take the show as a distraction in their wedding ceremony, but have only played songs since the bridegroom attended the ceremony until the end of the ceremony. Why don’t you bring a drum, martial arts dance or dance to your party!

Bridal Gifts And Bridal Guest Books

Your wedding hall will be a lot more lively with a gift and wedding guestbook. As you know, many friends will come bring presents for you and you can create one to place gifts and write greetings for the bride and groom. Usually, the bridal gifts and guestbook will be held at the back of the hall near the entrance so guests can stop in early for a gift and write a greeting for the bride and groom. Your wedding will definitely be lively.

Bridesmaid Dresses or Family Members by Theme

The tips for making your wedding lively are to make sure your bridesmaid or big family member is dressed in the same theme and color. Your party will be more lively as they are all more united and present and featured in your wedding memories as a happy family. For example, you as a bride will wear blue, while family and relatives can wear the pink theme as it looks tasty and appropriate when paired with blue.

Kids Flower Girls

Your wedding will also be more lively with the flower girls waiting and accompanying your arrival to enter your wedding hall. These flower girls can be your nephews, family members or friends who are sporting and can accompany the bride. It looks very lively as the flower girls walk in front of the bride as the bride moves to the mattress. How about this time you had your party with a bunch of flower girls?

Q&A session

The tips to make your wedding lively and can be a great addition to your wedding are in the form of entertainment with the bride and groom. Your party solicitor or Dj who works on your wedding day can do an interesting activity by holding a question-and-answer session with the bride. For example, they could ask the bride about the first meeting of the bride and groom, asking them to share their love story or meeting and other things that make your wedding special.

Photo Booth at the Wedding

Photo booths are important for you and your relatives and friends who want to take photos outside the booth. Photo booths can be beautifully decorated, unique and creative according to your theme or interest. If you like music, you can put guitars as decorations, flowers or whatever decorations you want. Many brides choose to provide a photobooth to keep their party going smoothly and lively. If anyone is looking for luxury car for the wedding, please do contact our partner car rental gombak or please visit them at