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Pay Car Connect: An Issue You Need to Know

One of the most common issues associated with car ownership is the issue of paid car connectivity. Buying a second hand car is already synonymous among Malaysians. Many say that buying a second hand car is economical. The desire to buy a car stalled because of insufficient savings. Then the easiest way is to get the train connected. However, many do not know that buying a second-hand car is actually illegal under state law. It involves a number of parties and there is a statutory law such as the BUYING RENT ACT 1967 that can be used to punish offenders.

Did you know, by selling a car to an acquaintance, and then the rest paid entirely by your contact, is it actually illegal? According to the PDRM, anyone found guilty could be fined up to RM3,000 or imprisoned for up to 6 months or both. One of the reasons why car owners want to sell a car by simply paying for it is that they need money fast. Another reason is that their car may be pulled over by the bank due to delinquent car payments. The buyer is the buyer, the new owner. It should be noted that the original car owner still has an agreement with the bank.

So legally the car is still theirs even though the buyer already pays the car to the bank every month. Many possibilities would be possible without a black-and-white appointment. Here are some of the problems you need to know when buying or selling this paid-for car: It is the seller’s responsibility if the buyer stops paying. The paid-for car is still the seller’s right even if the buyer has purchased and continued the car payment at the bank. However, it would be difficult for the seller if the buyer stopped paying the monthly car payment at the bank. The bank will look for and pursue the seller’s car name despite the fact that the car has been sold to others.

In addition, if a suit is filed on behalf of the buyer, the suit will be charged on behalf of the seller as long as the seller owns the car. Sellers cannot report to police. If the above happens, the seller cannot report it to the police. This is because; the issue of paying for the car is as if the seller is willing to give the car to the buyer. So there is no term for stealing or cheating because there is no black and white agreement in front of the bank.

In addition, the seller’s fate may be further aggravated as the police will take legal action as the car payment continues to be a mistake. Car title is not valid for buyer. If there is no document agreement between the seller, the buyer and the bank, then the car is not valid for the buyer to own. So, if you purchased a car by way of a bank charge without your bank’s intervention, and you were granted a car grant, you were probably deceived. In addition, the car insurance is not the property of the buyer as the vehicle is not in the buyer’s name. In the event of an accident, the buyer cannot claim the car insurance.

So, before you decide to buy a second hand car, think ahead and make a wise decision. Not just because of the pity of friends who are struggling with money, you are stuck with your own problems. Avoid buying a car by connecting a monthly payment at the bank. Want to get a high quality, reliable car rental? Please do contact kereta sewa subang jaya for the best offer. Get car rental services of all kinds for your convenience.