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Do not be tricked by cheap train rental. First Read These 3 Tips.

This is what you need to be aware of – this cheap car rental requires you to pay upfront money before the car is shipped. Many people want to rent a cheap car because the down payment is not high, depending on the type of car or vehicle you want to rent. Usually companies that provide car rental services charge this advance, your booking cannot be canceled.

However, you can change your rental date to another date. However, if you fail to get the car as promised, your advance will be considered forfeited or non-refundable. So you should always think about choosing a date before you rent a car.

Therefore you should be careful when renting a cheap car. No, it’s probably not as good as you thought.

– old car,

– an empty oil tank,

– Dirty car.

– “out” car engine or

-Carriage trains here and there.

Here are 3 tips to avoid getting fooled by cheap car rentals:

1. Finding Companies That Have A Website And Offering Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The credibility of a car rental agency will be even more secure when we first see their “shop”. Through the website, it allows you to get more detailed information about the services they offer. Make sure the company also provides accident insurance like Collision Damage waiver or CDW. This is for your safety while driving. If you are confident that you can avoid any accidents, you may not buy this CDW. No compulsion. But in any case, the cost of the car hire companies will often be very high. Something to consider here!

2. Payment by Credit Card

The easiest way to ensure a car rental agency’s credibility is through a credit card payment method. Most car rental companies with credit card facilities often offer good service. With this credit card payment, it makes it easier for customers to rent a car. Companies that care about customer convenience will surely make sure you feel comfortable renting with them. You can also use a debit card if you don’t have a credit card. So before you want a cheap car rental, you need to first check whether the car rental company offers credit card payments. This is to avoid being fooled by any irresponsible car rental agency. The car rental company such as kereta sewa alor setar also using credit card fasilities for their customers.

3. Take Pictures And Check Cars When Getting A Car

When you receive a car, be sure to check the exterior and interior of the car. Check the car tires. Make sure the car must be clean or dusty. Then check the oil tank level. You can also take pictures of each side of the car, the sides of the car, front and back. If you are a careful person, check out the roadtax and car rental dates as well. You need to make sure everything is in good condition.

In fact, you have the right not to accept the car in the event of a bad condition and not what you want. The conclusion here is that you have to be smart and careful in order to rent a cheap car. Do a survey of the car rental company you want to use. We hope that sharing this time will benefit you! Looking for a professional rental car in your area? See a list of rental car locations near you today.