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Car Rental Setia Alam – Low Price RM60 / Day *

Car rental services for Setia Alam area and surrounding areas. Led by partner DNZ Car Rental, 100% Bumiputera owned companies through the 1st Malaysia car rental network in collaboration with car rental operators throughout Malaysia. The priority of this loyal car rental service is offered to the residents of Setia Alam as well as those who need it, for those who work in the public, private and even students who can get a rental car from us. For those who want to find out more about this rental car can visit the car rental setia alam page on the DNZ Car Rental website.

Car Rental Operations Location

Car rental customers who wish to rent a car, can visit / walk-in directly to our office address located in Setia Alam City, close to Setia Eco Park.

Car Rental Hours Of Operation:

9am – 11pm

All rental car arrangements are to be carried out during the car rental setia alam operation as described above. For rental car customers who wish to get a rental car out of business hours, please contact our representative first. Extra charges may apply for rental car business outside of business hours. For customers who do not meet the requirements, the car rental setia alam company reserves the right to refuse any rental car deal for no reason. Please pay attention!

Car Rental Price & Type

Car Rental Delivery Location

Alam Nusantara

Setia Eco Park

Eco Park Phase 2

Setia Damai

U13 Shah Alam

Taman Damai

Taman Indah

Taman Impian

Taman Meru

Bukit Bandaraya Shah Alam

Tesco Setia Alam

Giant Setia Alam

For rental car customers who are outside of the above mentioned car rental setia alam service area, please contact our representative for more information or please click here to contact the rental car crew directly. Extra charges may apply for delivery of rental cars outside the coverage area.

Pick Up Point Car Rental

Tesco Setia Alam

Setia City Mall

Mcd Klang Sentral

Car Rental Setia Alam Operation Office

Car Rental Delivery Service

The terms and conditions for delivery rental car are as follows:

Rental car delivery is available during office hours only (9 am – 11 pm).

Free delivery for a radius of 5KM below from rental car operation locations.

Additional Grab Car Charges will be charged as needed, at the customer’s request.

This rental car delivery charge must be paid when the customer receives the reserved car. Our car rental setia alam team will provide receipts on request only.

Advantages Of Renting With DNZ Car Rental

Cheap and affordable car rental

Discount for long term rental

Up to 50% off for 1 month rentals and above

Delivery of rental car directly to customer’s address

50% rental car is new and comfortable.

Regular car maintenance and maintenance.

Internal & external cleanliness of car rental

Customer-friendly crew.

Facilities of car rental setia alam website to get the latest info, promotions and more.

Car Rental Reservations

Cheap car rental via sms / whatsapp details below:

Full name

For Mykad

Telephone No

Model cars


Car rental date & time

Customer’s full address

Car Rental Deposit Securities

Car rental customers will be charged a security deposit of RM100.00 to RM200.00 per booking according to the type of rental car. These deposit securities will be returned within four (4) days from the date of return of the rental car for the purpose of reviewing the local authority’s summons, Police, JPJ (if any). This deposit security payment slip should be sent via Whatsapp messaging service to car rental setia alam team for record purposes.

Car Rental Documents


Copy of Mykad

Copy of license

Copy of student card

Copy of witness identification card (friends / relatives)


Copy of Mykad

Copy of license

Copy of electric / water / astro home bill (latest)

Copy of business ID / passport or business card / SSM / pay slip (latest)

Copy of witness identification card (friends / relatives)

The Car Rental management reserves the right to refuse any booking and will not entertain any rental car deal if the customer of the rental car does not have the above documents. Please note !

Contact Us

Rental Car Customers can visit the car rental setia alam website for more info, latest promotions, prices & types of rental cars, terms and conditions related to car rental matters.

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