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Car Rental Life (Required To Know When To Drive)

Knowledge of car tire life is important for every car owner. Owning a car is just useless without the knowledge of car care. Especially about the knowledge of car tire lifespan. Tires are an important component of driving car safety. In addition, tire care can have an impact on the cost of car maintenance and if you do not take good care of the car tires. This will make the cost of car maintenance very expensive. Many only look at the tire flowers.

However, in reality, it cannot guarantee the exact condition of your car’s tires. According to some studies, every tire needs to be changed after 3 years or 4 years of use and it depends on the distance traveled by the car. So before you want to start the journey, you need to know a few indicators as to whether or not to replace the new car tires as they are closely related to the life of your car.

1. Flower tire flowers

For general knowledge, all tires are ready to include a tread-wear indicator or TWI. It is a bar-shaped one located between the flower blocks that lets you identify the minimum tire wear rate (1.6mm or 2/32 ″). If the bar looks half or equal to the tire, then it’s time to replace your car tire with a new one. So don’t be stubborn to change your car tires if car service providers recommend changing your car tires to new ones.

2. Brick tire coating

Car tires are made of rubber that can have maximum impact on road friction. However, it is common for rubber to be hard and dry when exposed to cold weather and hot sun. It is also a factor of car tire lifespan. New car tires have oil and chemicals to slow down the process of ‘aging’. There are other things like exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light, frequency of use, extreme heat cycle that can speed up the life of the tire.

3. The tire is swollen

Before you leave the car service center, be sure to check the condition of your new tire. This is because there are some cases where the new tire is experiencing uneven and swollen surface problems. If the surface of your car tire is uneven, it could cause your car to be in disrepair and could endanger your journey. When the tire is unbalanced, the car becomes unstable causing damage to other components other than the tire.

4. Old age tire

Did you know that Malaysia is one of the countries most concerned about car tire lifespan? This can be proven by looking at each tire definitely having the tire production date issued by the manufacturer. The United States and Canada use the same concept. In Malaysia, all legitimate tires used on the road are required to have a production date code showing the week and year on the tire wall. It has four digits to show the code and the picture above is a sample of the four digit code.

Car Tires Care Steps

Also, you can do something to make your car’s tire last longer than it should. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Provide cars on areas or surfaces of roads that are flat and not damaged such as potholes and rocks.
  • Try to avoid getting too much sunlight as the hot weather can speed up the life of your car’s tires.
  • In addition to car tires, other car components also need to be taken care of because the car is a large component that involves and connects other small components.

So, if one small component is damaged, the other component is also affected. So, before you embark on your journey especially for long distances, it is advisable to check the condition of your car, especially the car tires. Do not want to save money can cause you to pay higher costs for car maintenance. To get the highest quality rental car and the highest possible car rental rates, you can find it at our new branch car rental, kereta sewa alor setar and also you can visit us via for more details. Our crew gladly will assist you to suit up your needs.